Tuesday, November 28, 2006

east side tour pt 2

pink garden chair

the chocolates

window seats

miami vice

cowboy kid's chair

recycled wood kid's chair

camp table

wood stained garden chair

wood stained garden chair

beer table

striped table

card table

deck chair

harlequin table


East Austin Studio Tour 2006

Thursday, November 09, 2006

East Austin Studio Tour

I will be participating in the East Austin Studio Tour this year. I will be showing furniture and my friend Satch will be showing his paintings, collages and screen prints he and I worked on together.
We will be set up at his house and there will be beer, art, people and a few awesome dogs. A map of the studios and artist info can be found on the EAST website.

Chairs for the Folks

My Dad and Stepmom asked for a set of chairs and a 'two-seater/table combo-bench thing'. We decided to call it a 'settee' but i don't think that is right either.
anyway, here's the view from the chairs:

Picnic Table

My neighbor asked for just a plain picnic table.

Furniture for Marfa

My good friend Michelle opened a store out in Marfa, Texas called Dolores.
This is some of the furniture I built for displays and for sale there.