Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sittin' Chair

Simple and sturdy.


A neighbor from my childhood recently moved to Austin and bought a new home. I built these shelves from pictures she emailed me.

Cedar Lounge Chair

What to do with the scrap wood from various projects? Build a lounge chair!
This is the first chair i have built with movable parts. It's big enough to accomodate cushions but it won't keep the mosquitos away.

Kitchen Table

Nate needed more counterspace so I built this table out of what used to be the front porch. The holes in the lower shelf held flag poles in their previous life. I discovered a love for belt sanders I did not know I had. Oh yeah, I beat the table top with a heavy chain for some character.

Chicken Tractor

A chicken tractor is a moveable coop that allows the chickens access to the ground while keeping them contained. I was asked to build this one sturdy enough to keep out the raccoons from the creek nearby. The hot pink matches the owner's house.